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“CryoCollect has taken the lead in the bioCO2 market by installing the first CO2 capture unit from the biogas upgrading Offgas in 2020 – food grade
99.97 % CO2 purity”

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Carbon Capture

Step into our cutting edge carbon capture technology. Through innovative methods and patented technologies, we can capture CO2 emissions from various sources and produce food grade CO2, thereby unlocking environmental preservation, economic opportunities and carbon-neutral facilities.

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“CryoCollect put in place the first Biomethane liquefaction plant in France in 2018”

Biomethane /
NG Liquefaction

Explore our innovative liquefaction technologies that transform biomethane and natural gas into key pillars of the energy transition, driving us towards a cleaner, renewable energy future. Our liquefaction system is highly flexible and can be tailored to suit a broad spectrum of applications.

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Energy Efficiency

Leading the way in energy symbiosis, our focus is on interconnecting energy ecosystem to create valuable opportunities and directing energy surplus where it is most needed. This approach elevates both our technologies and our partners’ operations to unparalleled levels of energy efficiency, thereby improving both economic and environmental footprints.

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Discover the incorporation of our solutions within a circular economy ecosystem

carbon capture

biomethane / ng liquefaction

energy efficiency

About us

We are a technology start-up operating in the field of energy and processes, particularly in the gas treatment field. Our main activities are developing innovative solutions in the energy field to reduce environmental impacts and developing a local circular economy. CryoCollect thrives on collaborating with partners to establish and sustain an ecosystem that’s fosters innovation, efficiency and shared success.

CryoCollect brings together a team of engineers and researchers combining scientific excellence and industrial know-how, enabling us to offer our customers high added value.

Empowering progress through our unwavering dedication to energy efficiency, our company has spearheaded numerous transformative projects. Join us in our mission to harness innovation and sustainability, driving impactful change for a brighter, greener future.

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First in France, MéthaTreil valorizes the CO₂ from its biomethane purification

The MéthaTreil Methanization Unit, photo by agriKomp By  Frédéric DOUARD · 9 juin 2021 · Erwan Bocquier, manager of MéthaTreil, in front of the CO2 separation module, photo Frédéric Douard The MéthaTreil project, carried out in Machecoul-Saint-Même near Nantes, is an agricultural methanization unit for biomethane production. What makes it unique is that it is […]


Méthabraye, the first French agricultural methanization unit with transported biogas

The Methabraye production site in Savigny with its digester and biofilter, photo by Naskeo Since April 13, 2018, the methanization unit of SAS Méthabraye located in Savigny-sur-Braye in the Loir-et-Cher has been producing biomethane. In the absence of injection capacity into the natural gas distribution network in the municipality of Savigny-sur-Braye, the project to transport […]

Calque 14

10% Increase in Yield at Serres des Trois Moulins with Méthatreil’s BioCO₂

Jean-François Vinet, co-manager and operator of Serres des Trois Moulins, image by VerdeMobil Biogaz The collaboration between the Méthatreil biomethane plant, located in Machecoul, and the Serres des Trois Moulins greenhouses, located in Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu in the Loire Atlantique department, dates back to 2020. Méthatreil was then the first installation to valorize bioCO2 in France by […]